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Candidly Kind- Let It Begin With Me T-shirt

Candidly Kind- Let It Begin With Me T-shirt

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Grace’s new “Peace” painting/design was inspired by her love of peace signs and her need for peace lol…

Let’s all strive for calm, peace and love guys. It all begins with us and it spreads!!

About the Designer:

Grace Key is the creator of Candidly Kind. She’s a 21 year old entrepreneur who has used writing, drawing and painting throughout her life to express herself.
Grace Key has been saying and writing inspirational things to her friends and family since she was a tiny girl. She literally came out talking and hasn't stopped in 21 years! As she grew, her inspirational phrases became letters, sayings and just about everything you can imagine. Ask any of her many friends or family and they will attest to receiving a special letter from Grace. Her inspirational sayings have come to be known as “Grace phrases”.

Grace is authentic to the core wearing every feeling on her sleeve while also possessing the amazing ability to forgive and love unconditionally. She began painting a few years ago and started pairing her “Grace phrases” with her original paintings and printing them on shirts. With that, “candidly kind” was formed.

Grace is the designer, painter, order entry tech, label maker, packer, wrapper, shipper and letter writer (she writes to every customer) She has the help of her family but she does a bit of everything and that’s how she likes it! “candidly kind” gives a percentage of everything sold to charities who share our vision to spread light, love and acceptance. It is a huge part of Grace’s mission…giving back.

Grace was born with Down syndrome, but we prefer to call it Up syndrome. She aims to promote kindness and a belief in oneself no matter what the obstacles and hopes her artistic creations will remind you to live with authenticity, act with love, and treat everyone you meet with an open heart.

To get to know Grace even better check her Instagram. You’ll get a glimpse into her daily life which she frequently describes as “living the dream.”

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