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"Melting Wave" Acrylic Block by Ryan

"Melting Wave" Acrylic Block by Ryan

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Ryan is an artist and photographer at Celebration Company. In this pieces he manipulated a piece of his photography by making swirls and drag marks through the touch screen of his iPad. The original artwork this product is based on is a photograph.

Freestanding 4"x4"x1" miniature artwork  

Depth reflects artwork and creates a 3D effect 


About the Artist:

I am a Houston native. I love to watch videos on my iPad and listen to music. I especially likes Daftpunk. 

I have always loved art. Painting in particular. The messier the better! Growing up, I would paint on poster boards taped to the floor then adorn them with hand and foot prints in bright colors. My favorite colors are red and blue. 

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