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One-of-a-kind Teacup Candles (Set 13)

One-of-a-kind Teacup Candles (Set 13)

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Brighten up your day with our new specialty beeswax candles! These cute teacups make for great gifts and decorations! All teacups are one-of-a-kind.

We filled these teacups with our leftover wax from our Shabbat and Chanukah candle making.  Then we cut designs and added them to the top.

Check the dropdown menu to view our selection by style and scent.

The cups and saucers have museum putty to hold them together. Check adhesion before lifting.  If needed to reattach: Pull the putty off and roll into small balls and apply to the base of the cup. Press down lightly and twist into position onto the saucer. To remove, simply lift and twist holding the saucer and the top of the cup to release.  

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