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Halley Turner

"Purple Flowers" Placemat by Halley

"Purple Flowers" Placemat by Halley

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An easy way to add some style to the ordinary is through custom printed tea towels! Custom printed with permanent reactive inks, these towels were designed to be both beautiful and durable, able to withstand the most rough and tough of jobs.

Material: Organic Cotton



About the artist:


Part of the job description for working at Celebration Company is art, and you can’t beat that, man! I love painting because it is so fun and it makes me super happy. My mom and poppy really inspire me when I paint, because they take care of me so much that I want to express it in my artwork.

An additional charge for shipping and handling will occur with your purchase of this beautiful artwork. We will contact you to confirm the extra charge, to ensure this artwork arrives safely to your home.
*Limited supplies in stock, may take 2-3 weeks when reordered
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