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Faith Goudeau

"Snowing Love" 6-Pack Graphic Card by Faith

"Snowing Love" 6-Pack Graphic Card by Faith

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Graphic "Thinking of you" Cards artwork by Faith

We have taken some of our favorite original artwork/photography and recreated them on graphic cards for you to share over and over! 

  • 6 cards per pack
  • Blank inside
  • Includes envelopes
  • Celebration Company mission on back of card


About the artist:

I like to paint, draw, write, and make everyone happy. I feel good and comfortable when I paint. I love making paintings a lot. Painting is both fun and creative for me. Pink, lavender, and brown are my favorite colors that I like. I like mixing colors and focusing on details. When I am super focused I feel as though I am elsewhere and calm. 

*Limited supplies in stock, may take 2-3 weeks when reordered
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