The holiday season can be overwhelming for everyone, and Chanukah is no exception. Despite retailers improving their selection of Chanukah-themed items, finding decorations that feel truly unique and original can still be a challenge. That's where Celebration Company comes in to help you decorate for Chanukah in 2023 with purpose!

Celebration Company, a part of Alexander Jewish Family Service in Houston, Texas, goes beyond providing Chanukah decor; we contribute to social good. We specialize in offering life skills and meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. Our overarching mission is to assist adults with cognitive disabilities in acquiring the vocational and life skills necessary to achieve their desired goals.

By choosing Chanukah decorations from Celebration Company, you are not only enhancing your festive decor but also supporting a mission that makes a positive impact. Many of the items on our list are handcrafted by Celebration Company employees, adding a personal touch to your Chanukah celebration.

  1. Chanukah Candles

    We consider these beeswax candles “Must-Have” Chanukah décor! Hand-rolled by Celebration Company Employees, these beeswax candles provide an eco-friendly Chanukah decoration. Candles are natural and produce less soot than traditional paraffin candles. In other words, they drip less and burn cleaner! Plus, when you purchase our candles 20% of proceeds are donated to the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston’s “Support for Israel” Fund.

  2. Custom Napkins

    Brighten your Chanukah table with these festive napkins! Each napkin is stamped and made by a Celebration Company Employee. Looking for something even more unique? Tailor your napkins with a custom font, phrase, or color combination.

  3. Handcrafted Wood Menorah

    Of course, a Menorah is considered essential Chanukah décor! Indulge your Chanukah experience with a unique Menorah created by our Celebration Company Artists.

  4. Chanukah Gelt & Dreidel Soaps

    Don’t forget to include the bathroom in your Chanukah decoration plans! These original hand-made soaps come with a dreidel and gelt included. These beautiful and natural soap bars are made by our Celebration Company Employees.

  5. Fused Glass Nightlights

    These original fused glass nightlights will quickly become a top Chanukah decoration in your home. Choose from a selection of unique designs created by our Celebration Company Artists.

  6. Chanukah Stationary Cards

    Express you care in a truly special way by presenting someone with a uniquely tailored card by our Celebration Company Artists. Cards are expertly recreated for you to share the joy repeatedly!

  7. Chanukah Clothing Items

    The best Chanukah decoration may be the one you put on yourself and your family members. We’ve got hilarious onesies and T-shirts to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

  8. Dog Bandannas

    Don’t forget to add a Chanukah decoration to everyone in the family. Dogs can join in the festivities with their own fashion statement for all 8 days of Chanukah - and beyond!

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