Celebrate Passover with this one of a kind glass Passover Frog Bowl.

FROGS: A Great Addition to Your Passover Table

You may or may not have noticed that the Frog has become a fun decoration for your Passover table – especially if you have young children.

Frogs hold a unique significance in the context of Passover, as they feature prominently as one of the ten plagues inflicted upon the Egyptians to compel Pharaoh to release the Israelites. As a result, frogs have become a lasting symbol of resilience and freedom, closely connected to the main themes of liberation and renewal celebrated during this sacred festival.

Celebration Company, a part of Alexander Jewish Family Service in Houston, Texas, has created a unique collection of creative Passover table décor ideas featuring -  the frog! We specialize in offering life skills and meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. Our overarching mission is to assist adults with cognitive disabilities in acquiring the vocational and life skills necessary to achieve their desired goals.

All of the items on our list are handcrafted by Celebration Company employees and artists, allowing you to enhance your Passover table decor and support a mission that makes a positive impact.

So let’s leap to it!

  1. Frog Place Card Holders 

    Everyone will quickly find their place at your Seder table with these fused glass Place Card Holders created by Celebration Company Employees
    4place card holders in a shape of a frog
  2. Passover Frog Bowls

    Add these adorable glass Frog Bowls to your Passover table décor for a Springtime Passover decoration.
    frog bowl with lilypad
  3. Frog MAGIC MUG

    Have fun and celebrate Passover with two of the plagues: darkness, and frogs! This ceramic mug features a heat-activated coating that turns transparent to reveal a surprise!  Mug features photography by Arthur Alexander, a Celebration Company Artist.

  4. Frog Soap

    Don't forget your bathroom when you are decorating for Passover! These beautiful and natural soap bars of a frog sitting in water are made by our Celebration Company Employees.
    Bar soap with a green frog protruding. There is a thin layer of blue, then clear, and the green frog is embedded in the clear portion to appear as is the frog is sitting on top of water“Elijah, A No Show Again!” Cocktail Napkins

    Brighten your Passover table with these festive napkins!  Each napkin is stamped and made by a Celebration Company Employee. Looking for something even more unique? Tailor your napkins with a custom font, phrase, or color combination.    

    Black cocktail napkin with Elijah - A No Show Again! slogan
  5. Matzah Covers

    Cover your Matzah this Seder with a Matzah cover designed by our Celebration Company Artists. Matza rules Passover night, adding this unique item to your Passover table setting shows your guests that you are decorating with style! 
    matzah cover with matzah


Whether you're seeking Passover table decor inspiration or gearing up for Passover preparation, we've got everything you need to make this Jewish holiday unforgettable. Check out our entire Passover Collection!




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