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Confetti Shabbat 2-Pack Candles

Confetti Shabbat 2-Pack Candles

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2-count pack of hand-rolled Shabbat candles with added flecks make these candles super-fun!  They are made of 100% beeswax right here at CC.

Our candles are just right for brightening your Shabbat and setting the mood for a happy and clean week! 

Color combinations include:

Blues-confetti flecks in electric blue, just blue, navy and light blue on white candle

Princess-confetti flecks in purple, pink and lavender on white candle

Partriotic-confetti flecks in red and electric blue on white candle

Autumn-confetti flecks in cranberry, orange, green bean on summer candle

Christmas-confetti flecks in red and green bean on white candle

Rainbow-confetti flecks in red, orange, yellow, green bean, just blue and purple on white candle


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