ReelArt 2024: Visiting artist

Grace Fisher

Grace Fisher was raised in Santa Barbara, California where she embraced music at a young age. At age 17, she developed a rare neurological disease, Acute Flaccid Myelitis, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Following Grace’s diagnosis, she discovered mouth painting and music composition and graduated from UCSB with a BA in music composition. She now is an award-winning composer and artist passionate about bringing the arts to other individuals with disabilities. Her physical limitations demand a different approach, but she has embraced a new mantra: “My only limitation will be my imagination.”

This artwork is part of an exhibition that is on display until March 13. We will contact you when the artwork is ready to be picked up. Thank you for supporting celebration Company. 

A Note From The Artist

My name is Grace Fisher and I am an artist, composer and disability advocate. I like to combine music and art when possible because I think the two art forms can be transformative and expressive in a deeply emotional construct. My painting process is usually a scene in nature or landscape that inspires me with color and beauty. I enjoy revealing textures and colors to give the artwork life. I often imagine it in
movement, even though I am capturing and instant or a moment of reflection. Sometimes I hear music when I experience my painting and have composed music and given some of my painting animation to tell a larger story or communicate a profound experience. Most of my paintings are inspired by things that are around me, celebrating and connecting with the world in my own experience.

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