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Ian Spindler

"Golden Red Sky" Placemat by Ian

"Golden Red Sky" Placemat by Ian

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An easy way to add some style to the ordinary is through custom printed tea towels! Custom printed with permanent reactive inks, these towels were designed to be both beautiful and durable, able to withstand the most rough and tough of jobs.

Material: Organic Cotton


About the artist:


Ohh yeah I like to paint. I like art it makes me happy and I get to socialize with friends. I also like mixing the colors before I paint. Art inspires me to put together what I want and also I can be happy to make art. I get inspired by doing art. It makes me feel happy to see that each of my friends is making different art. When I paint I feel a warm sensation in my heart, it makes me very happy. It makes me feel very very joyful. I paint what I see outside. I want to capture the changes in the atmosphere and show the changes in my art.

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Photograph of artist wearing a khaki sweater

Meet The Artist

I was born and brought up in Houston, TX. I believe that hard work always pays off, so I try my best at Celebration Company. A few of my hobbies include listening to electronic/dance music. A couple of my favorite bands are Kraftwerk and The Keep. I also like painting because sometimes I get inspired by the music I listen to, and painting is a great way to express myself. The current inspiration for my artwork are the chemical plants in Baytown.

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