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Honey-less "Honeycake" - MIX

Honey-less "Honeycake" - MIX

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Pre-Order your HoneyCake Mix & Pre-Made Cakes TODAY!


HONEYCAKE MIX is available for pickup NOW .....

Pre-Made Cakes available for pick-up starting SEPTEMBER 12TH at Celebration Company!

Celebration Company is proud to offer our amazing honey-less "Honeycake" in celebration of Rosh Hashanah.  Order your Pre-Made cake (Plain, Chocolate Chip or Walnut) or Cake Mix from our website  We will arrange easy CURBSIDE pickup or shipping.

At Celebration Company, we strive to create Sweet Memories which provide both a useful gift to you and the gift of usefulness to our Celebration Company program participants. This delicious “secret” recipe is a honey-less "Honeycake" made memorable by Houston’s own Millie Dean, of blessed memory. The wife of United Orthodox Synagogue Cantor Emeritus Irving Dean (z”l), Millie is remembered for her spectacular cooking and baking. Each Rosh Hashanah season, she baked these cakes as a fundraiser for the synagogue. By sharing her sweet recipe with Celebration Company, Millie’s legacy carries on in our community and in our homes year after year.  What a sweet memory!

Celebration Company is proud to offer this amazing honey-less "honey" cake in celebration of Rosh Hashanah and all year long. We would like to thank Congregation Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood, Johnson Brothers Bakery Supply, Inc. & The Bagel Shop Bakery  for their continued partnership and generous support with this special holiday project. We appreciate their commitment to JFS, the community and look forward to many years of continued collaboration. FOR THE GOOD LIFE!


All ingredients are under the supervision of HKA.

Your purchase of this and other Celebration Company products, artwork  & photography

supports employment for adults with disabilities


*Each bag contains the dry ingredients to make 2 loaf cakes or 1 bundt just need to add 3 wet ingredients!

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