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Anna Rossitto

"Pointing Towards" Adult Umbrella by Anna

"Pointing Towards" Adult Umbrella by Anna

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Original Art Designed by Anna Rossitto.
Stand out & carry a colorful, fun umbrella with Celebration Company artists original art & photography!
Vibrant images printed on a nylon umbrella that has a 42" Diameter
*There is limited stock and item is made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to come in

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Smiling brunette woman with glasses wearing a blue and white floral shirt.

Meet The Artist

I like to keep myself busy. On my free time, I make crafts, play sports, and volunteer at the Library in Bellaire. I feel good making art. I get to create my own designs, colors, and pictures. Even though purple is my favorite color, I love using bright colors and have them stand out.

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