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Santiago's Café Café Pencil/Tech Bag

Santiago's Café Café Pencil/Tech Bag

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Art and versatility in one small case! They might be called pencil cases but these zippered pouches can be used as change purses, makeup bags, receipt organizers, or craft carriers to name a few. At a low price point, our zippered cases are the perfect way to accessorize your artwork.

Fabric loop at the side

Functional and decorative! Add a keychain or charm easily on the side.

Vibrant printed canvas

100% polyester textured canvas withstands everyday use while looking great.

Size: 9"x4"

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Meet The Artist

I like painting with acrylics and watercolors. I always like to use 2 colors to express myself. My favorite colors are Green and blue. Music inspires my painting. When I listen to music, I feel more creative. I like coming to celebration company because I get to work and learn at the same time.

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