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Arthur Alexander



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Medium: Photograph on Canvas
Size: 6"×6"
Year: 2019

The Canvas is mounted over 1.5" thick (depth) stretcher bars, image wraps on the sides


Photography is good! I like the photography program. Taking pictures makes me feel happy. I want to capture the whole space that I see. I like going to the locations and seeing things I don’t normally see.


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Smiling man with a bear wearing a kippot and teal striped polo shirt.

Meet The Artist

I paint things that I have seen that I like. It makes me feel all right when I paint. Some of my favorite things to paint are houses and buildings. Houses are small and big and something is different in each building. I am able to paint some of the areas and drawing allows me to draw more of the area. I love painting because it is really relaxing and fun, especially because I get to do it alongside my good friends.

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