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Cari Cowen

The Garden of the Ladybug

The Garden of the Ladybug

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Medium: Ink on Paper
Size: 9"×12"
Year: 2014
Black Frame with a 3/4" face, Framed size 11"x14"

I am a native Houstonian and I have been living here for all my life. I was one of the first participants of Celebration Company. I love coming to Celebration Company because I have a lot of nice friends who love me, and I love them. My favorite color to paint with is red. When I paint, I never feel sad—only warmth in my heart, and I feel so excited. I also want you to know that one of my hobbies is telling jokes: “What did the carpenter say to the wall? –One more crack outta you, and I’ll plaster ya!”
 Cari (1958-2018): Cari's witty remarks caused everyone to smile and leave a lasting impression. It was always such an adventure to listen to the tales that Cari would spin together, and it would be illustrated in her artwork.

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