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"The Nectar is the Honey" Apron by Gabrielle

"The Nectar is the Honey" Apron by Gabrielle

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Great chefs require great style - and this personalized apron delivers. Featuring snow-white loop & ties, this apron is made with 100% pre-shrunk polyester canvas - an ideal material for keeping splashes and stains at bay while you create tasty meals.

.: 100% polyester canvas
.: One side print
.: White strap color
.: Tie-back closure
.: One size

About the artist:

Art makes me feel great when I finish a piece that I am working on!

Celebration Company gives me the space to create art. Painting brightens up my world, because if we didn’t have anything to paint on it wouldn’t make sense. Making art brightens my smile. My ideas come from my head as well as my hands.

Sometimes when I am in an artistic world, I question myself, but I keep going. The artistic side of me keeps my confidence going and my artistic mind going. I want to get what’s on my mind on paper before I change my mind. Sometimes when I change my mind, I will change my color. I tend to have lots of layers, because I am thinking it over and thinking it over. Painting helps me to express myself. I like to inspire people with my artwork and in turn be inspired by others as well.

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