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Tommy's Dots and Dashes Coaster

Tommy's Dots and Dashes Coaster

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Mix & match these unique & colorful coasters featuring your favorite Celebration Company artists artwork and photography.
A fun way to make sure you capture all of these amazing artists creations!

4.25 inch ceramic tile cork backed

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Meet The Artist

I'm autistic, I like cartoons. I love being active and exercising, it calms me down and keeps me relaxed. Art is good and lovely, and pretty. When I paint and draw, I feel happy and want to share that happiness with others.  I like to do art at Celebration Company, because I love art! I like the color red, because that is my favorite color and it makes me feel happy. I use the colors of rainbows to make rainbows beautiful. When rainbows are beautiful, they shine in the sky.

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